I grew up entrenched in art. My mom was an engineer by day and a crafter by night. We grew up using our hands and creating anything and everything from jewelry to textiles to memories. Because so much of my skill and passion stems from my family, as you follow my art here, you'll see my collection expand to include unique family, hand-crafted pieces.

While I've tried many crafts, nothing enchants me like textiles enchant me. Using the ancient art of shibori, I have created a full line of luxury home furnishings which are hand-dyed and handmade. Inspired by Florida, my designs bring you to the tropics - through both the colors and items I choose to include in my line. I see the world through color on fabric and want to share that passion with you. Like no two palm trees or seashells (or anything you can imagine that is tropical) are alike, my fabrics resemble nature's uniqueness. I'd like to make sure to note that no two pieces of fabric I dye are identical - and that is the beauty of the trade. 

Purchase the one of a kind pieces as they drop on this website or choose to create your own unique look by choosing custom colors and patterns. For customs, I create one of a kind designs for fabric by the yard used for anything your heart can imagine. 

Wholesale line sheets and pricing are available upon request by contacting studioakina@gmail.com - we are very limited on the wholesale accounts we can accept.